Attention, for now all members of inanimate showdown staff will voice act all characters at least for the first episode, until we get more people to audition and current selected roles will be kept. Please ask for characters if you are current voice actor.

Available Characters

  • Notebook (Male) - The Obvious Eavesdropper
  • Lamp (Female) - The Strategic Thinker
  • Candy Cane (Female) - The Overjoyed Enthusiast
  • Spork (Male) - The Likeable Friend
  • Towel (Female) - The Fast Swimmer
  • Pillow (Female) - The Clumsy Obsesser
  • Paper Airplane (male) - The daredevil
  • Star (female) - The singing one
  • Burrito (Male) - Mr. Know it all
  • Tomato (Female) - Ms. Gullible
  • Rose (Female) - The Nice Girl
  • Hammer - The Careless Guy (MALE)
  • Broom - The Magical High-Pitch (FEMALE)
  • Sticker - The Over-Emoctional (FEMALE)
  • Bottle - The Over-Achiever (FEMALE)
  • Ruler - The Kind Leader (FEMALE)

Unavailable Characters

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